AWS Wishes

Mr Yazid’s wish – beach outing at East Coast Park to relive the experience of wedding proposal 21 years ago.

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our wish beneficiaries have their wishes fulfilled. The joy and contentment they get from the wish experience is just priceless.

Today we carried out a very sweet wish for Mr Yazid whose wish is to bring his beloved wife to East Coast Park, the very place where he proposed to her 21 years ago, on 26 February. It is Mr Yazid’s wish to relive the experience. An experience that would mean just as much for Mdm Norra.

Knowing Mr Yazid is a romantic at heart, our volunteers lovingly and meticulously planned out all that’s needed to set the mood for this romantic beach outing. We are super thankful for the good weather and all the kind support from the community.

Thank you all for making wishes a reality and making the world a better place.

Mdm Wong’s wish – to celebrate her daughter’s 21st birthday

At AmbulanceWish, we are always inspired by the stories from the wish beneficiaries we serve. This is a story about Mdm Wong who shares a close bond with her daughter Hwee Ying. They share a common love for animals, Running Man and the colour pink. There are so many things that Mdm Wong would like to do with her daughter when she gets better. For now, her greatest wish is to celebrate Hwee Ying’s 21st birthday - a key milestone that Mdm Wong really looks forward to celebrating with her daughter. We are honoured to be able to help fulfil Mdm Wong’s wish.

A big thank you to our volunteers and supporters for their incredible efforts in making this day a meaningful and special one for Mdm Wong and her family. We can’t thank you enough for your tremendous show of support. Thank you for believing in and working with us to create meaningful and precious memories for our wish beneficiaries.

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